Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Counting Sheep

I have no idea where this came from whilst idly persuing my iTunes, with a vague idea to listen to 80s music while banging out some emails and stuff.

Back in the very early 90s I was living in a bedsit in Forest Gate, E7. That's deepest, darkest London to most of you.  You've heard of Jack the Ripper?  The original "from hell" Ripper?  Well Forest Gate is several miles to the east of that!  Nice place.  Anyway, I was there for my 3rd and 4th year undergrad.  Then, as now, I couldn't pass by a second hand book or record shop without passing in.  There was one on the main street in Forest Gate, a ten minute walk from home.  They had a box of 7" singles for 25p or something.  I bought a shed-load of stuff there.

There are two that stick in the mind.  One was Alison Moyet's It won't be long.

The other, The Airhead's Counting Sheep.

AIRHEAD - Counting Sheep from Alex Alexmusic on Vimeo.

True earworms both, played on a loop they helped me get over a breakup.  They also appeared on every mix-tape I made until I lost them in one of my many moves (since leaving home at 18 I've moved at least  dozen times, including three countries, four if you include Scotland)

There's no message here dear reader, just ambushed by iTunes.  Plus, Counting Sheep is just so toe-tapping catchy I think it's a crime it isn't better known!