Friday, December 4, 2009

Vos and Janssen

OK, well not Marianne Vos, currently ladies cycling world champion of pretty much everything, or Jan Janssen, the first Dutch winner of the Tour de France (in 1968) and not only that, without having worn Jaune until the last day in Paris (it'd be pretty cool two-up though!) . Instead I present Marc Vos and "Boy" Janssen a couple of Dutch BMXers with groovy bikes and an (alleged) penchant for heights.

Don't try this at home (obviously). Well, the neon frame-tubes maybe, but not the bit down the side of the Willemswerf, which even though has to fake (the angles are all wrong, the green bike is in the wrong place and buddy isn't actually dead) doesn't mean you should try and show it can be done.

I think the tag line is along the lines of "if you fall over, do it lightly as usual", which you'll agree has to be their life's motto or else they'd be in a perpetual sulk (regardless of the height of the "jump"). Certainly it's an idea worth considering (taking things lightly that is, not taking off the top of a 94m high building on a bicycle). Even if you don't like the visuals, the music's pretty cool uh? I've got the song stuck in my head and I ain't complaining.

In the mean time, take a deep breath and repeat after me; als je wilt opvallen...


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