Friday, September 24, 2010

It was like that when I got 'ere gov!

Wow, it seems the blog has made it through one whole year. I wonder how many blogs make it this far; just like a new-year's resolution one can see how a blog can soon run out of enthusiasm and steam. I think this nearly happened to this blog too, grinding to a near halt last winter. Well, we made it through and I thank you, both of you, for sticking with it.

The intent was a fashion-y type of blog. I think I tried, but whilst we always come back to socks in the end, I think I've failed. Thanks to Stacy Juckett-Chestnutt who brought "fitness fashion police" to our attention. This is how it should have been done. Click on the link, but might I humbly suggest a pair of sunglasses and possibly a kidney-bowl before you do.

Instead, it's turned into a chronicle of my racing endeavours, general bike porn and coffee punctuated with the occasional sock. So as such it would have been more accurately called "caffientated-croissant-addicted-fat-boy-cyclist's-view-from-the-back" but to be honest, it would have been quite tiresome to have to type that in every time. Even so, I'm pretty sure that URL is still available, so keep your eyes peeled.

So, a sock. If there is one thing that I am constantly told is that there aren't enough socks. I've been keeping this one for a special occasion, and I think one's first birthday probably merits such an occasion. This was seen in Condor Cycles, and I promise you it is a for-real item;

Yup, you read that right; a sock kit.

Also Yup, that's an Assos product, as in "luxury body" Assos. Obviously they didn't read Fatty's letter!

The Sock Kit rather charmingly rolls out to reveal a bunch of socks, one for each season or part of a season (or part of season) and each in it's own labelled compartment.

Is it me or are people getting dumber. This pack comes with a reference guide, each compartment handily telling you the correct conditions under which to wear these socks. This boggles my imagination; if you're at the point in your life you can afford a speciality "Sock Kit" then surely you are at a point in your life where you can dress yourself without printed instructions. Maybe it's a manifestation of the "why did this happen I wasn't told" culture we're told we're in, the one where people no longer take responsibility for ther own actions. It's always someone else's fault. Not so much mea culpa as mundi culpa. Is this provided perhaps in deference to an inability to stick one's head out of the window to assess the weather and so if your toes are cold, it wasn't your fault but had to be someone elses? It couldn't be me!

Thirty-two is just a tad optimistic!

I know what you're thinking; early summer and late summer in the UK need separate socks? We could start with a "summer" as being distinct from a generalised blending of Spring and Autumn and do you really need special socks for the two week interregnum?

I can only imagine the poor, confused stock-broker who buys the kit, wears the socks indicated by the Assos/Met Office nomogram and gets cold feet anyway. How can this be? Assos assured me these were the right socks for the day!

Doubly so should it be a Canadian stock-broker. Check out the "winter plus" socks, rated to a mere -6C, or a pleasant autumn morning as we say here.

At least they were all white!



  1. I read the first image (well second image as I am not speaking of the coffee pic) as Sock Skit. I was all ready for a nice bit of sock entertainment. And low and behold, I was not disappointed.

  2. I did too. I was expecting sock puppets