Monday, February 7, 2011

Scrambled glia

Hmm, had another one of those weird anxiety dream-type events. I dreamt I was at a triathlon with an out-and-back swim. Which is odd since I don't swim any more. Anyway, I did the swim in the race, which was odd since I was the TD. Afterwards the RD, someone in the TNS community (who shall remain nameless) told me I'd cheated and cut the turn. "We're not having Andrew doing any more of his shit" was the phrase I heard in my dream. Which was odd becasue the RD was also racing. Plus, I'm pretty sure that even though the red-mist descends when I race, I'm fairly scrupulous about keeping not only to the rules, but to the spirit of the rules.

So all-in-all, none of it made sense. Maybe the blow to the head I received yesterday scrambled a couple of circuits (well, OK, scrambled a couple of circuits even further).

In better news, Joshua (my eldest) did his longest run ever on Saturday at Leah Jabour's "Ugly Sweater Run" on Saturday, at the grand age of 12. Just under an hour. Poor lad, on Sunday his legs hurt! First time ever too! I won't be entering him in any more 10Ks any time soon. This was a one-off given it was billed as a long, slow social run in an ugly sweater. He's 12, fer goodness sakes, surely the Athletics Canada LTAD restricts kids like him to 5Ks!

This was the view at the start of the run, and that's quite some display of ugly sweatery. Interestingly there were two hockey jerseys, with one person thinking an Oilers' jersey was the epitome of "Ugly" whilst the other went with a Leaf's jersey. Such hockey sectarianism aside, some of the sweaters looked like ones I would have worn quite unironically in my youth.

Thank goodness for changing times!


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