Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

Apologies for the obligatory Foster The People reference, but you understand it had to be done!  I picked up my new kicks yesterday at work, Pearl Izumi's Isotransition.  As a triathlon shoe it's definitely not a pumped up kick per se, more like a racing flat.  So light, so slim in fact, you can see right through the sole without taking the insole out!  As for the Sock Snob bit, well they have a sock-liner meaning no socks, but hey, if you stop to put socks on in T2 you might as well take the extra five minutes to do your hair and face so you look good for the finishers' photo!

It fits a bit small, I usually rock a 43 but I'm in a 44 here.  It was comfy doing drills around the shop yesterday and I'll put them through their paces at the Halifax Running Club track-meet on Saturday afternoon.  Look out for a longer review on Cyclesmith's new blog Chain 'n Gears in a few weeks.

Looks like a Creamsicle though.  Hmmmm, ice-cream.....


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