Saturday, September 8, 2012

The one where I look at lots of bikes

Just trying to have a quiet thirty minutes before leaving on another trip.  This one is bicycle-related but not triathlon related. Perhaps this is what is contributing to my general feeling of unease.  You see, practically every trip that has taken me out of HRM this year has been to officiate at a triathlon, or occasionally a running race.  

Not this time.  My rule-book, whistle and accreditation still sit on the shelf. My personal officiating kit sits in the storage-room where I chucked it after the Cobequid half and 10K.  Hell, I haven't even packed a pen.  OK, I'll go and pack a pen.

Feels weird.  Kinda naked.

Instead, I'm off to the centre of the universe, aka Torona (I understand there's a 't' in there, but it's never used) to the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada's (BTAC) annual show, Expocycle.  At the behest of the shop indeed too!  To spend two days with the owners and managers looking at bike stuff.  It's hog heaven.  A bit like Ulf giving me bike-check at the World Cup.  Who? Me? Touch all this stuff?  Sure thing boss....

I'm not sure what to expect.  I feel like a newbie undergrad or post-grad going to their first conference. Of course, at scientific conferences you spend most of your time in the talks and maybe half an hour at the expo, talking to reps and trying to score some free Eppendorfs or maybe a fridge-magnet.  This, I think, will be the other way around; spend all our time at the expo and maybe take in a talk.

So basically, just like at your first conference where you feel a bit out of water ands literally follow your supervisor around everywhere but the bathroom, I will dp the same.  Just follow the owners around, everywhere but the bathroom, and try not to break anything.  BEsides,. when Mark asked me if I wanted to go the convo went like this

Mark (pouring coffee) "What are you doing the 8th, 9th and 10th September""

"Nothing yet"

"Want to go to BTAC?"

"Wow, cool, I mean, sure"

"Great, you'll learn a lot.  Just keep your mouth shut"

So there you have it,  I have my instructions from the top: watch, listen, learn.  Wish me luck.


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