Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's funny how things change. I remember sitting on my couch the night before the first Bluenose, which was my second marathon ever and the first for ten years. I was surrounded by all my kit, I really do mean every piece, trying to decided what to wear.

Fast forward six years and ten marathons later and once more it's the night before Bluenose. A lot more relaxed. I haven't even got all my stuff out yet. Instead I'm writing a blog about getting ready, or not getting ready, rather than actually getting ready. This time six years ago I was practically dressed and sleeping in my running kit, just in case. You know how it is. Of course, the nice weather forecast for tomorrow, the only nice forecast they've ever had, helps. Really all I'll need are shorts, T-shirt, shoes, socks and my pace-bunny ears; and I'll be wearing all that lot down to the start anyway. I really don't need to schlep a whole bunch of just-in-case stuff down, certainly none of that Shackleton-in-the-Antarctic stuff as in previous years. Maybe a back-pack with a dry-t-shirt and hat for afterwards. I mean, how easy does this get?

I guess the pace-bunny stuff helps. I'll bunny the half to 1:30 and then carry on to finish the full, like last year. It this removes some of the performance anxiety I think as I should be running within myself for the first half. It's only in the second half I have to start to think a bit. And even then, I'm just doing a long run. Sure, I'll see Tinkerbell sometime after Shubie, but that's just par for the course.

Actually, the first half should be fun. It sounds like there will be a small nucleus of triathletes running 1:30, some good runners and great athletes; in so-much as it is often said "there's no such thing as a happy runner" I think we're going to have a great time out there.

Perhaps I should at least go and pin on my number and lace my chip into my shoe for tomorrow. And if you see me, remember it hurts if you hold rabbits up by the ears!


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  1. Love this andrew!You did a great job today-the bluenose is always a wonderful adventure!
    Running/triathlon Is all at once so inspiring and humbling. hopefully leads us all to growth and life long learning!
    A six pack wouldnt hurt either!
    You say you started out a nervous first Timer 6 years ago but you are now one of the wise leaders of the whole crew!
    Warm regards
    laura reardon keefe