Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This one goes out to a friend of mine who recently lamented the end of her "indie chick" days with the realization she is starting to like folk music.

Given the magnitude of her crisis we're going to assume we are talking Lindesfarne and hardcore Morris dancing here, not folk-punky The Men they Couldn't Hang or the Dropkick Murphys. Harboring a secret love for the ouvre of Stan Rogers is a bit like liking Tim Hortons breakfast "sandwiches". They're OK once in a while but they tend to be consumed furtively when no-one is watching but most of all you know it's wrong and don't indulge too often or too publicly. Not the kind of thing one admits to in polite company. More tea, vicar?

Truth be told, however, one of the signs of aging, other than the policemen do all start to look younger or it now takes two weeks to recover from a marathon is that the music once condemned in our youths becomes respectable. AC/DC were on the Lilo & Stitch trailer. See my point?

So perhaps my friend can go back not just to her indie chick days but beyond to her goth chick days with The Damned's Eloise, performed here with a full orchestra.

If the godfathers of punk can collaborate so publicly with the Establishment like this (frilly shirts worn unironically, are you listening Dave Vanian?), then my friend can surely enjoy the odd Aran sweater, twanging guitar and ode to lost fishermen (Halifax, Nova Scotia) or miners (Halifax, West Yorkshire) and know her indie chick credentials will always be above reproach.


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