Friday, August 20, 2010

Bicycle-related underwear fail

First time in a few days I haven't been to TIBS after a bike-ride, so I posted the remnants of yesterday's 'spro instead, just to remind me of better days.

I enjoy running, I really do, but recently it has become a chore, more often than not. So I decided to do my recovery run this morning, instead of letting it hang over my head all day. Plus, I figured, I could be productive all day after the run, instead of letting it break the day up.

I'm not a morning runner. Eurgh! This morning was hot and sticky and humid. It felt a little like summer in Virginia, where you had to chew the air a couple of times before you could swallow it. The humidity, together with my achy legs made the run awful; good job it was going in the books as a "recovery" run because it felt as if I was beating myself up to get up to more than walking-pace.

I'll tell you what cheered me up though. Two young ladies on bikes stopped at a set of lights where I was stopped looking a bit like this.

Their bikes, which I noticed first, were 20 year old ten-speeds, with "mens" frames, suicide levers and gear-levers mounted on the quill stem. As for the ladies, they were both, as Jane Austen might have said, of a comely disposition. They were both wearing bike shorts and t-shirts. Well, at least one was. The other young lady was wearing MEC bike liner shorts. Problem is, they are the closest you'll ever get to cycling underwear. Definitely not outerwear. Probably because they're really quite sheer. She must have been the Madonna of cycling (not that one, the other one). Lucky for her it wasn't raining.

What is it with bicycles and underwear? Trying to combine the two usually results in Fail. Epic Fail. As Jane might have said, "Dress is at all times a frivolous distinction, and excessive solicitude about it often destroys its own aim".

Speaking of aim, as far as sights go, it wasn't too bad. Seen worse (like the guy on the HLT with the white FdJ shorts and black undies) but even so, it's not often I'll say this, but there's something to be said for bloomers!


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