Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pretty at Breakfast

Oh dear, just can't seem to get 80's songs out of my head this week. I saw a poster stapled to a telephone pole today bearing the slogan "We built this city on rock and roll" and that was it, my head was gone. So here it is, because if I have to listen to the chorus all day in my head, so can you...

...besides, compared to the minor-chord, dopamine-altering, anhedonic stuff I usually listen to (my iPod has been clinically proven to promote expression of monoamine oxidase A), this is actually quite cheery, and it's way too nice of a day to be contemplating the futility of one's existence.

This aural throwback to my attic bedroom in Leeds many, many years ago got me thinking, and in a way, the quality of the light this afternoon reminds me of the summer evenings of 1984, hanging out in the woods off Hawksworth Road with Ben and Peter, and perhaps later, Vickie and Helen. But of course, the soundtrack for that is the Style Council...

Ah, Live Aid, now I'm back in the past. You?

I went running with the running club this morning, there is a point here, and made it all of 500m with the group before I decided I just wanted (needed?) peace, quiet and space. So I pulled a 180 and ran my own route along the waterfront most decidedly in my own space. As is often the case, by the time I got home I'd written a whole post in my head, this time on being a bit despondent (read an article in the Grauniad about a guy who did Biology at NELP the same time as me and now runs Guys' path department and I'm contemplating either bike-mechanics or barristadom) which segued into the reasons and rationales for shopping at the new Farmers Market (adhering to the 100 mile diet or just posing with misshapen vegetables?) via the Molsons Canadian tent at the beerfest (Molsen Canadian + Beerfest = shome mishtake shurely) but thanks to a random photocopied alt-retro-music-night poster and the wonders of the interweb, I'm feeling much better....

Maybe I'll watch Pretty In Pink tonight..... ahh, Molly Ringwald....



  1. Try this one:

  2. Great one; took a couple of seconds staring at the ceiling to recognise the clips as being from Manneqion. If you like Phoenix, try this one;

    Great song, weird video tho'. It was also on Lost in Translation; d'you think Scarlett Johansson has/had a touch of the Mollys or was she unique?