Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marathon Doom Imeadiate

Yup, in serious denial about what is about to happen!

Had a good night's sleep, woke up just before the alarm (which is always good). Had a reasonable breakfast and coffee. Even the weather seems to be co-operating. Friday was just plain nasty, high winds and rain. Yesterday was damp and drizzly and cloudy. Today, clear and sunny, if not a tad cold (it's about 6C which feels shockingly chilly!). It should warm up to about 14c by the time I finish though. The wind is ligh(ish) and from the west; we should have a cross-wind for most of it, with a couple of short stretches of tail-wind. Unless of course, MDI is anything like Riverport in which case it will be a head wind on both the up-island and down-island stretches of the run! Time will tell.

Resolved the fashion-crisis; short-sleeved compression top and club singlet, arm-warmers and gloves, shorts. In theory the arm-warmers and be rolled down and the gloves discarded, but in practice I have worn them all straight to the finish.

As I said yesterday, the start-line is right outside the door and I literally just heard the PA kick into life as the early-start runners leave in 15 minutes. I'll go outside and cheer them on. Perhaps it will spark me up 'cos right now denial is just a river in Egypt, right?


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