Saturday, October 16, 2010

Marathon Doom Impending

Do you think that's a reasonable acronym for MDI?

Swings and roundabouts here. The motel is right on the start-line, by which I mean it's a ten second walk to the line, you can see it from the door. This was the first thing we saw walking out to find a breakfast spot this morning;

This is great as it means we don't have to spend twenty minutes finding a parking spot, another twenty walking to the start and yet another twenty in the line to use a particularly noisome portapotty!

Picked up our kits today. I got bib#60, which seems frighteningly high given it's a race of 2000! Remember how I commented on the officials' and voluntolds' freebie at Edinburgh being a rain-coat? Same here, the race-day freebie for runners is a rain-smock! It's been raining quite a bit here and that Edinburgh coat has come in useful. Actually at the Expo someone asked me about it after seeing my Du Worlds coat as she was a triathlete from Montreal and and just come back from Tri Worlds

More impressively, la belle got F18, yup she got seeded! Yahoo! What this is doing to her presumably fragile pre-marathon state of mind I don't know. She's not the only seeded Nova Scotian. Leah Jabour is F4 in the ladies, Kristan Gough is F11 and Shawn Deleu is M19. Good luck to them all. Try and beat your bib-numbers guys!

It's funny being here in Acadia National Park. I was pretty sure I was at Acadia last week! This place has the same name, just more Moose.

After the expo we spent the day mooching around Bar Harbor. Funnily, we spent quite a bit of time in bike-shops. It's funny because we're here for a marathon. Maybe it's our (well, my) way of distracting myself from what's to come tomorrow! I have to say, I was mightily distracted by a carbon Specialized Tricross single-speed on sale (about 15% off) but, as usual, had to be removed from the shop kicking and screaming. Now I think about it, this is how many bike-shops see me leave.

Off to the pasta-party now. Funnily, it's a bit of a drive away in a high-school, but I suppose on Mount Desert Island, there's a paucity of places to seat 2000!

Will post more pictures when I get back to Halifax, the interweb connection here isn't the fastest.


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