Monday, December 20, 2010

Dan's Story

Big props to Daniel. who had his entry in CBC Mainstreet's "Young Canada Writes" contest read out on the radio last week. Each week, the writers (all U15) are given a list of words to use in an original composition of 250 words or less. Last week they were; anticipation, earmuffs, lurching, slivery and jiggled. He got 'em all in! Here is his entry in full;

It was the post-apocalyptic scenario all people fear: giant alien earmuffs with prehensile tongues! That is not all. They have domesticated krakens and used their awesome strength to destroy all prosperous societies they find. They were completely jiggling with anticipation when they found earth. It was perfect - what with there being only one sentient species. Better yet, having technology that was crude and senseless compared to theirs. They came to earth subtly but then exactly after 79 hours they attacked.

Humans, once thinking they were all powerful against all possible waves of deaths and eradication, were now being overthrown by the lurching mass of cyborg krakens. Their tentacles showing no mercy to the humans. Suddenly ninjas rained from the sky exploding upon impact with the ground. Then, from the ground silvery armoured knights jumped into the air, only to sprout wings and turn into flaming beasts of depression and sorrow. Just when the humans best efforts were fading away, an asphalt parking lot exploded and a green scaley beast with firey breath and laser vision came from the rubble. Its laser eyes burned through the human's strongholds. The sky turned red and giant lava geysers burst from the ground. The killer earmuffs were now more engaged in a great brawl between the monsters they created. Then, giant explosions of blue flames erupted everywhere. AAARRRGGGHHH!Run for your life Jimmy!!! JIMMY! JIMMMMYYYY!!!!!"

Huh?! What?! " I muttered. Oh - yes - it was just a dream. And now it is time to get ready for school.

Daniel Dacanay 10years old
Grade 5 (Ms Ryan) Southdale North Woodside Elementary

Kudos Dan.

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