Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow and candles

Not a birthday 'spro, but a birthday capp. All the better to keep the cold at bay.

You see, after confidently telling a colleague in BC yesterday that "no, we have no snow, nor does there seem to any sign of same", it snowed. I had my mind set on a little ride, and I wasn't going to let 5 cm of snow get in the way, but neither did I have any wish to accidentally slide under a bus on fixed. Plan B it was; I chucked Old Bess on the back of Smarty and headed out to Shubie instead.

Ever noticed how your mountain-bike shoes leave monstrous tracks in the snow, and by monstrous I mean "like a large, clawed, hungry and undoubtedly carnivorous monster" monstrous. Talk about cryptozoology! Speaking of cryptozoology, I watched the beginning of a creation-science (now there's an oxymoron if there ever was one) video on Youtube recently about the co-existance of dinosaurs and humans. Crikey. Anyway, enough said about that the better.

So, ignoring the evidence before my eyes that I was being closely stalked by a bipedal, clawed creature, I set off into the woods down the Lake Charles trail.

I felt a bit unsteady for the first five or ten minutes because that tabernack of a front brake still isn't working quite right, but what the hell, brakes only slow you down anyway. The trail isn't technical anyway, so no dramas, I just sat back enjoyed the peace and quiet and the crunch of the tyres in the snow. Very Zen, very relaxing. Apart from nearly T-boning a dog that is!

As usual, Old Bess held up her end of the bargain and seemed pretty bombproof, front brake notwithstanding, after I settled down.

I noticed how the snow packed onto the rear wheel, giving my venerable MA2 a bit of a Deep-V vibe....

....and when the brakes on the car were applied, it had a bit of a pink Deep-V vibe to it!

Check out the snow-marks left by the helmet! Makes a change from getting tiger-stripe tan-lines across the top of my head!

After I finished I headed off the TIBS for the aforementioned capp and a bagel (the ride wasn't hard enough to justify a croissant)

However, I got one anyway, courtesy of Zane, complete with a candle

Thanks man, made my day


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