Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm not going to get all biblical, but I really would like to be treated by others as others would wish to be treated. With a little g'dam respect perhaps.

I'm not going a bundle on the dress, but the sentiment is sound.

Now respect has to be earned, not demanded by right. I understand this. I once met a triathlon official who confided to me that he (but it could have been a she) was feeling a degree of disrespect from the athletes and proceeded to be an absolute jerk at someone-else's station; presumably in an attempt to reassert him(her)self on the athletes. I hope I'm not the same. I admit, I'm not perfect. When it comes to fallibility I'm low on the papal scale. But I do try to be nice, to be polite, to say my please-and-thank-yous, hold the door open, to be diplomatic, I don't say the first thing that comes into my head (although God knows I want to) and try to be reasonably empathetic.

What does it get me? Reciprocity? Fuck no, you bastards can't even spell it.

Maybe I'm just in a nihilistic mood today, but despite this, it seems all I get is walked upon and over; do I have a sign on my head that I cannot see that says "delicate sensibilities contained with: please trample upon at will"?. What makes me such a good target to all and sundry? People who are neither perfect themselves or indeed good at their jobs find it acceptable to find in me the smallest fault, while (again trying not to go all biblical) overlooking the note in their own eye.

Really? Am I that bad? So perhaps I should just FOAD. Oh, what's that? You don't want to to go? Well, you just told me I was a complete fuck-muppet and so if you want me to stay, you must be a fuck-muppet too. Only a fuck-muppet wants a fellow fuck-muppet in control. But of course I can't call you a fuck-muppet, even though you told me I was one, because then you'll get all upset and say I'm not treating you with respect. Hence the problem, quod erat demonstrandum and all that.

Let me give you an example, which illustrates the problem I'm having perfectly and with exception to the two people concerned, you, my fearless reader, will be unable to work out who they are.

So I was standing in a car-park recently waiting for my Garmin to synch so I could go for a run. A friend of mine just happened to be in their car, so we started chatting. Someone else my friend knows, but not someone I know, walked by, saw my friend and (presumably) saw me chatting to him, walked up to said friend and engaged friend in another, totally unrelated conversation to the one we were having. I mean, buddy just cut right through me: physically and conversationally. After 30 seconds he turned around and asked me if it was OK to butt in.

Right, sure. Go right ahead. Don't mind me, I'm not here. Unless you want to walk all over me, in which case, I'm all yours.



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